The 20th TREENET Symposium Conference – Soil Volumes and Soil Design for Arborists

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Elke Haege, Simon Leake and Dr. Peter May will be presenting at the 20th TREENET Symposium on Friday the 6th of September 2019 at The Waite Arboretum, S.A.

Topic: Soil Volumes and Soil Design for Arborists

Elke Haege – Elke Landscape
Simon Leake – SESL
Dr Peter May – University of Melbourne


Soil Volumes and Soil Design for Consulting Arborists. Soils are fundamental in tree development, health and longevity, so why is soil design not often addressed in tree report assessments and recommendations?
Consulting arborists are key in providing soil design recommendations for improving both existing and proposed trees. Practically also, arborists are at the forefront of applying soil improvements.
In the forum session, Simon Leake and Elke Haege will present the rationale behind the soil rooting volume simulator  developed initially in Soils for Landscape Development and then further refined in the on-line Soil Volume Simulator. We will take you through the online Soil Volume Simulator. A free online tool that competent arborists can utilise to validate and make informed recommendations in arborist reports, policies and practical implementations.


For further inspiration on advocating best practice soil approach methods: 
Consulting arborists and landscape architects, through projects they work on, can play a key role in restoring soil carbon and in reducing the causes of climate change.