Soils Workshop. Launch of Landscape Soils Handbook. Leake and Haege 2017

Workshop on Emerging Trends in Landscape Soil Developments and Trends

Come along on the 10th June  2017 to an event by the Australian Institute of Horticulture, 9am – 12.30pm, Ryde School of Horticulture. 

Keep abreast of the new trends in soils.
Things have changed !

* How Soils are now being specified and tested
* Lightweight soil and greenwall soil developments and differences
* The new Australian Standard 4419 Landscape Soils Standard – What are the changes and how will it affect our industry
* Classification of sports field performance and soil requirements
* A new simplified soil specification booklet+ “short form specs”
* A new and innovative tree soil volume simulator incorporating shared root zones and including surrounding site soil

Simon Leake – Principle Soil Scientist – SESL Australia
Elke Haege – elke Landscape Architect + Consulting Arborist

Elke and Simon are the authors of CSIRO Publising
“Soil for Landscape Development: Selection, Specification and Validation”

Soil producers : ANL and Benedicts will also discuss what they are experiencing with the latest soil trends, good and poor project implementation examples