Soil forms the basis of every landscape project

Village Green reviews and posts an article about our soil specification book.

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Simon Leake, originally an agricultural scientist, he’s seen enough things go wrong over the years as a soil pathologist – projects big and small – to warrant co-authoring a soils book with landscape architect Elke Haege. Together they’ve produced an incredibly user friendly means to encourage landscape architects, specification writers, project managers and landscape contractors to get the basis – the soil – right the first time.

successful projects: three basic steps…

  1. Make sure there is a soil scientist or landscape technologist involved in the project as early as the design stage, especially if it’s looking complicated.
  2. Write soil specifications so that they are performance-based, in other words, give information about what the soil needs to be able to do. This is also the place to provide some ideas of what might meet these specs.
  3. Include a system of compliance within the tender documentation – just as engineering projects incorporate compliance so should landscape projects.