Workshop on Emerging Trends in Landscape Soil Developments and Trends

Come along on the 10th June  2017 to an event by the Australian Institute of Horticulture, 9am – 12.30pm, Ryde School of Horticulture. 

Keep abreast of the new trends in soils.
Things have changed !

* How Soils are now being specified and tested
* Lightweight soil and greenwall soil developments and differences
* The new Australian Standard 4419 Landscape Soils Standard – What are the changes and how will it affect our industry
* Classification of sports field performance and soil requirements
* A new simplified soil specification booklet+ “short form specs”
* A new and innovative tree soil volume simulator incorporating shared root zones and including surrounding site soil

Simon Leake – Principle Soil Scientist – SESL Australia
Elke Haege – elke Landscape Architect + Consulting Arborist

Elke and Simon are the authors of CSIRO Publising
“Soil for Landscape Development: Selection, Specification and Validation”

Soil producers : ANL and Benedicts will also discuss what they are experiencing with the latest soil trends, good and poor project implementation examples