Native Stingless Bee Hive Inspection at Centennial Park

Thank you to everyone who came to see the native stingless bees at Centennial Park in Sydney inspected on Saturday. We’ve added some photos of the native hives below.

141124_elke native bees centennial park hive inpection

This hive is facing north secured to a sun shelter  eave on the west. Notice the shade forming on the hive below at 10.30am. This will increase in summer and will allow more light and sun in winter. It is at eye height which is perfect for teaching and observing.


This is not the style of hive we supply and install.  For images of the native bee hives we supply and install see our ‘ Native Bees’ page on our website.

141124_elke native bees centennial park hive inpection 1




If you have seen this page and have further questions, we’ve put some information together on this page about native bees. This is a good reference for our new native bee hive clients in Sydney.
elke native bee brood close up








An image of the native bee brood. The layers of eggs ‘brood’ are surrounded by pots of pollen and nectar / native bee honey.  This is an odd shaped brood nest, they are usually spiral in shape.