Gaining back the Natural Capital in Soil

elke_soil pH test

elke_soil pH test

I highly recommend this Landline video segment.

It is called “Toil and Soil’ and is about composting waste that is being recovered, processed and then sent back to farms so that farms don’t keep losing their ‘natural capital’ in their soil.

Gippsland Water in Victoria is composting: contaminated soils, all food wastes, car wash waste, crude oil (such as oil spills), greenwaste and biosolids (human waste – don’t worry it is fully pasteurised).

This is a really great model for returning waste from the city back to farms. They are planning to double their output in a year due to the success!

What can we all do as individuals? ¬†Putting all your organic waste (discarded fruit skins, meat, dairy) in the green bin (and please don’t contaminate your green bin with plastics) will go a long way in helping reduce Methane in landfill (which is 21 times worse than CO2 emissions). ¬†Your ‘general waste’ garbage goes to landfill, so please try and reduce what goes in your general waste garden bin.

Enjoy the video. I hope you are inspired.