Australian Garden Show Sydney: Elke’s talks

Ant predating on wax scale on citrus

Ant predating on wax scale on citrus

Elke will be speaking on Thursday, Friday and Saturday 4th -6th September 2014 at The Australian Garden Show Sydney. Come along to hear one of her talks.

“Pests and Pollinators” and

“Getting to the roots of it – what is your soil like?”

on Thursday 4th September 2pm and on Friday 5th at 12.30pm Elke will talk about:

‘Pests & Pollinators’
Pests and Pollinators is about improving garden health organically and increasing the productivity of your garden (or potted balcony plants).
You will find out how to manage good and bad bugs, increase your crop yields, reduce pests and costs, and find out some of the ways to attract pollinators to your garden


on Thursday 4th at 3.30pm, on Friday 5th September 2pm, and Saturday 6th 3.30pm Elke will talk about:

‘Getting to the roots of it – what is your soil like?’
Bring some of your garden soil in and come along to a hands on informal chat about getting to know your garden soil; what plants are best for your soil; and find out how to make simple checks and changes to improve your soil.


click here for the program of garden talks.