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Stingless Bees: Native Bee Workshops and talks

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Now that face to face workshops are unfortunately not occurring anymore, I have put a few great links together so you too can get excited and learn a bit more about Australian native stingless bees, native solitary bees, and beneficial plants to plant.
  1. Plant herbs and let them go to flower to attract pollinators. Click Here for a list of other beneficial plants for pollinators and to increase productivity of your edible garden.
  2. Native Stingless bees: Have a look at this short clip of our Native Stingless Bees at Barangaroo.
  3.  This beautifully put together video by beekeeper.org with Dr Megan Halcroft about Australian bees.
  4. Here is a well put together video by Ku-ring-gai's Alex Austin about Winter Care for native bees. It is worth viewing if you have bees in Sydney.