Native Stingless Bees at Randwick Environment Centre

Native Stingless Bees Sydney at Randwick Apiary The Sydney Bee Club has just set up it’s apiary site, hosted by The Randwick Environment Centre (through Randwick Council).
Elke has established the native stingless bees and their enclosure through her involvement on the committee of the Sydney Bee Club (who support beekeeping in all its forms).

Randwick Apiary opening Native Stingless Bees

The deputy mayor of Randwick, Anthony Andrews officially opened the Apiary which features both honey bees and native stingless bees.


Come spring, the Sydney Bee Club and Elke will hold field days and information days.


Here are some great articles from the Randwick council’s opening of the apiary site, by the Reduce Your Footprint blog site.

Article 1: When the Bees Come to Town

Article 2: People Swarm to Attend Bee Workshop


There is a diverse platter of floral resources (both exotic and native) available for the bees in the apiary.